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Structures such as ceiling designs can be found almost everywhere. They gained their popularity and widespread use due to their attractive appearance, versatility and simple installation process. The design allows you to hide utilities, electrical wiring and ventilation under it. If it is necessary to carry out preventive or repair work, it will be enough to remove the necessary sections. In the interceiling space, you can install fire protection systems and place modular lighting devices. In addition to the listed advantages, suspended ceilings can be attributed to heat-saving structures, because it is enough to lay a layer of insulating material above it and heating costs will decrease. Installation of this structure is quite simple. The main thing in the installation is to accurately measure and mark for fastening the supporting structure. All details of designer ceilings are light and strong enough, fastening of structural elements is carried out with screws. After mounting the base, cells are obtained into which you need to insert the ceiling slabs, and each slab is stacked separately. This will ensure the accessibility of any sector of the under-ceiling space. Ceiling inserts are usually in the form of a square or rectangle. Depending on the definition of the priority functions of the ceiling, the material of the ceiling panels can be selected. Porous glass wool is rightfully considered the best material if increased sound insulation and high-quality insulation are required. Ceiling design absorbs sounds and does not let them through, thereby reducing the background noise of the room. Another advantage is heat saving, because slabs made of this material keep heat well. Matte stretch ceilings are an excellent imitation of a perfectly plastered ceiling. The satin stretch ceiling has a slight pearlescent sheen, which gives a slight mirror effect. A glossy stretch ceiling is a great option for visually enlarging a room due to the effect of a mirror surface. The stretch ceiling is waterproof, which means it can be installed in the bathroom too. In addition, it will prevent moisture from penetrating under the canvas and mold to form there. Such ceilings do not need special care; it is enough to wipe them with a damp sponge and soapy water.

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