All outsourcing services, without which the company's activities cannot exist (courier, newsletter, statistics, etc., and those listed for which are a freelance courier) are brought to the attention of users: the company transmits the following data to the following objects: fan address , email / whoever has newsletter, statistics / cookies, location, IP address)

(when creating an account on the site, check the box separately or justify each account request so that the user knows who they are sharing company information with every time)

According to the statement, any client / user of the site has the following rights, which they can exercise at any time without any justification:

The right to access and correct data if it turns out to be incorrect. The right to erasure at any time - "Right to be forgotten" The right to object to the processing of personal data at a certain moment without giving reasons and the right to return to the original opinion with the resumption of data processing Right to data portability: provide the customer with a data file in a common format that can be accessed by any other operator, with personal data processed by the customer / user up to that point. The right to be informed that his data is processed automatically to create profiles.

In our case, all these functions have been extended for those who have a customer account on the site. On request, if for various reasons the user cannot deal with this on his own, contact the person responsible for the protection of personal data.

Business specifics may require certain changes to the privacy policy, dictated by changes in strategy, related activities, marketing, etc. All users who have an account will receive these changes by email and will be offered separate consent for every change.Users without an account are encouraged to read the privacy policy each time. Otherwise, it is not responsible for the lack of information, and the user assumes this.

We will respond within a maximum of 20 days to any request related to the processing of your personal information.

However, repeated requests from the same person that are deemed malicious or biased will be subject to a set domestic fee proportional to the complexity of the actions assigned to the person in charge.

The business of the company is allowed only to persons over sixteen years of age. Any purchases on the site for those under this age must be made through a parent.

All components of the website are stored on trusted servers of authorized partners, and we have modern and reliable tools, firewalls and antiviruses that can deal with cyberattacks.